GigaFox 8.2 Update 7

Release Date: June 1, 2020
Version Number: 8.2.8924.0529.master@75678da

What's New in GigaFox

  • Appium Inspector enhancements provide extensive performance improvements to the inspector's start time when using the "for an application" and "for Safari" options.
  • Nginx header size expanded to 16Kb to better support large organizational directory structures.
  • GigaFox Appium package supports ChromeDriver 83.

Fixed Issues

GigaFox Fixed Issues

  • ML-8065: On Android devices, the fullReset capability is no longer throwing an error when the test application is pre-installed on the device.
  • ML-8048: The REST API is properly returning the value for the LastRetainedAt request.
  • Trust Fixed Issues

    • ML-8055: Enhancements to the Trust Viewer prevent loss of control messaging, crashes, and long hangups.
    • ML-8003: Support has been added to allow shrinking of individual DEX files to prevent file overflow.

    Supported Versions

    • Android: 5.0 - 10.0
    • iOS: 9.3 - 13.5
    • iPadOS: 13.0 - 13.5
    • macOS: 10.15.4
    • Xcode: 11.5
    • Appium: 1.17.0