GigaFox 8.3 Update 5

Release Date: December 16, 2020
Version Number: 8.3.9249.1215.master@e6d0eea

What's New in GigaFox

  • The uploader of an application has the ability to restrict application access by user role for applications uploaded through the GigaFox UI or API.
  • deviceViewer launches will remember the window size for future launches.
  • Improvements to the GigaFox deviceViewer:
    • By default, setting and device buttons on the the deviceViewer will automatically display on launch. To remove the buttons from view, click the pin on the top right of the viewer.
    • Toolbar buttons and error/disconnection messages auto-align with the deviceViewer panel.
  • To the devices.ini file, friendly names were added for the following devices:
    • iPhone13.1: iPhone 12 Mini
    • iPhone13.2: iPhone 12
    • iPhone13.3: iPhone 12 Pro
    • iPhone13.4: iPhone 12 Pro Max
    • iPad11.6: iPad 8th Gen (WiFi)
    • iPad11.7: iPad 8th Gen (WiFi+Cellular)
    • iPad13.1: iPad air 4th Gen (WiFi)
    • iPad13.2: iPad air 4th Gen (WiFi+Celular)

Fixed Issues

GigaFox Fixed Issues

  • ML-8353: Android devices with OS version 7 and newer are now properly displaying MAC address info
  • ML-8413: iOS isDisplayed() scripts (‘visible’ attribute) were being reported as ‘true’ for some native elements corresponding to web elements that were not drawn on the screen when part of the parent container of the elements were at least partially on the screen.
  • ML-8428/8429: Katalon version 7.8.0 and newer versions using GigaFox Appium replacement introduced incompatibility issues due to changes made in how Katalon sends element queries for both Android and iOS applications. The issue has been resolved for both iOS and Android devices.
  • ML-8435: The issues that may have prevented a proper Android application launch (on the UI or through a script) have been corrected.
  • ML-8007, ML-8084, ML-8330: Fixed multiple issues involving detection of broken network connections, including improved reconnection attempts, and better reporting of errors (where some cases would previously freeze without reporting an error through the UI).
  • ML-8436: iOS application resigns may had failed due to unnecessary attempts to sign resource files embedded within Framework folders. These cases are now detected and skipped.
  • ML-8434: If no device matches the set of detailed specifications in a query, instead of a "Null reference" message, an empty array will be returned.
  • ML-8440: Corrected the issue that may have affected Android applications with disabled Activity shown as launchable.
  • ML-8391: The adb issues that were causing some Android devices to display the error "Connect set ECONNREFUSED (-1)" on the GigaFox UI have been resolved.
  • ML-8416: Connection issues that were occuring on Android devices testing multiprocess applications have been corrected.

Supported Versions

  • Android: 5.0 - 11.0.0
  • iOS: 9.3 latest - 14.3(18C66)/12.5(16H20)
  • iPadOS: 9.3 latest - 14.3(18C66)/12.5(16H20)
  • macOS: 11.1
  • Xcode: 12.3
  • Appium: 1.17.0