GigaFox 8.3 Update 4

Release Date: November 4, 2020
Version Number: 8.3.9204.1103.master@cfa3f69

What's New in GigaFox

  • GigaFox allows the upload of Android applications in an .apks file format.
  • To prevent iOS 14 devices from locking while in-use (previous prevent auto-lock methods do not work on iOS 14), the following setting can be configured on the server’s dc.ini file:
    • OSDeviceController.PreventAutoLock=true: If the screen is idle for more than 15 seconds, this configuration generates a volume-up button press immediately followed by a volume-down button press, simulating an event on the device to prevent locking.
    • IOSDeviceController.PreventAutoLockMethod=devicecontrol: Used with the previous configuration, instead of pressing the volume buttons, deviceControl will come to the foreground after 15 seconds of inactivity.
    • IOSDeviceController.PreventAutoLockIntervalSeconds=15: Use to set the wait time before IOSDeviceController.PreventAutoLock=true and IOSDeviceController.PreventAutoLockMethod=devicecontrol (previous two configurations) are activated.
  • Log execution time has been reduced by about 25% by removing the Enter / End debug logging that shows entry/exit/execution-time for many methods.
  • The /webdriver endpoint support arguments passed through executeScript(). Arguments can be literals, i.e., background-color:yellow or an element previously found by using the findElement method.
  • Features added to /webdriver Appium replacement:
    • mobile:pressButton now supports the home button
    • Web close window is now supported
    • Sub-element queries are in-progress with partial support implemented now

Fixed Issues

GigaFox Fixed Issues

  • ML-8315: Fixed an issue that prevented deviceControl from initializing properly on devices running iOS 9.3.x. Although this issue was reported for 9.3.5 devices, it may have affected various 9.x.x versions.
  • ML-8331: By increasing the swipe limit and providing support for the maxSwipes parameter for mobile:scroll, elements located beyond the 100-swipe limit are no longer returning an element_not_found error.
  • ML-8388: Support for input events has been added to the /webdriver endpoint. This prevents errors that may occur after entering text into a text field that was not properly recognized.

Supported Versions

  • Android: 5.0 - 11.0.0
  • iOS: 9.3 - 14.1
  • iPadOS: 14.1
  • macOS: 10.15.7
  • Xcode: 12.1
  • Appium: 1.17.0