GigaFox 8.1 Update 6

Release Date: May 15, 2019
Version Number: 8.1.8155.0514.master@4327f19

New Features

New in GigaFox

Fixed Issues

GigaFox Fixed Issues

  • ML-6922: The issue causing applications with a trailing whitespace in its version number to incorrectly be recognized as a new application rather than a new upload of an existing application has been corrected.
  • ML-7200: The Cancel Reservation dialog will display using the normal date and time format.
  • ML-7201: When Xcode is unavailable on the GigaFox or deviceConnect server, the issue allowing the Devices UI list to display that Xcode is available has been resolved.
  • ML-7203: On macOS Mojave GigaFox or deviceConnect servers, the issue preventing the installed iTunes version to display on the About dialog has been resolved
  • ML-7226: Audio is now supported on macOS Mojave servers
  • ML-7279: Resolved the issue preventing applications larger than 2 GB from uploading onto GigaFox. GigaFox will upload applications as large as 5 GB and clear error messaging will be displayed when attempting to upload an application larger than that.
  • ML-7280: The issue preventing flag_secure enabled applications to launch on Android devices has been resolved.