Installing Mobile Labs Trust


  1. A GigaFox login.
  2. Administrator privileges to install software.
  3. To perform automated testing, install UFT. If UFT is installed after Mobile Labs Trust, run the repair option on Trust add-in.

Install Mobile Labs Trust

  1. On GigaFox's user dropdown menu, click Download Mobile Labs Trust.
  2. Unzip the folder and save locally.
  3. In the folder, click setup.exe. to open the Trust wizard and click Next.
  4. Accept the License Agreement terms and click Next.
  5. Select the folder on where to install Mobile Labs Trust and click Next.
  6. Click Install.

Mobile Labs Trust Licensing

The Mobile Labs Trust license is stored in GigaFox. For UFT automation, the automation enabled flag determined if the flag is set, allowing UFT operations. To verify the license, click the About GigaFox link on the GigaFox footer. The about dialog will display the number of devices licensed and if automation is enabled.

How Mobile Labs Trust Works

When connecting to a device with Trust deviceViewer the application under test (AUT) is dynamically instrumented allowing the application to be automated. After launching UFT with Mobile Labs Trust add-in enabled, UFT will recognize the objects in the AUT. Once the add-in is loaded you can use UFT features such as Object Spy, Object Repository, and descriptive programming. After the script is built, the test can be executed against the real mobile device.

Because of the instrumentation process, Trust will allow the user to recognize the objects natively and make a cross platform script.

Enable Mobile Labs Trust Add-in

Select the option on the UFT Add-in manager to enable Mobile Labs Trust for UFT. When enabled, it will then begin to recognize objects in the application using the Trust deviceViewer window

NOTE: Automation cannot be performed against the browser based deviceViewer.