Session Sharing

Session sharing is a collaborative feature granting view-only access to another user's deviceViewer. When enabled, users can view an already launched session, in real-time, on a viewer with testing capabilities removed.

NOTE: Session sharing is implemented as a collaborative feature rather than a restriction tool. If the goal is to restrict a user access to a device or a set of devices, please go to the user roles and entitlements section of this guide.

Enable session sharing

By default, session sharing is disabled. Only a user with Admin privileges can enable session sharing.
To enable session sharing:

  1. Go to the System tab.
  2. In the deviceControl panel, enable the checkbox for Enable device session sharing.
  3. View option on multifunction button
  4. Refresh the browser for the changes to take effect.

Shared view-only session on the UI

To initialize a shared session:

  1. The deviceViewer Web session that will be viewed must have already been connected and launched.
  2. On the Devices tab, select View to launch the view-only session.
  3. View option on multifunction button
deviceViewer with iPhone home screen View-only deviceViewer

deviceViewer Web and view-only shared session.

NOTE: The controlling session can use the GEM's full streaming video capability. View-only is limited to the slower video streaming mode.

Session sharing event logging

On the GigaFox UI, device and user history tables will log a shared session as a "Shared Viewer" event.

The REST API command Get /Report/History will return a "Shared Viewer" event.

Session sharing from the CLI

A view-only session can be launched through the CLI with the - viewonly command.

Example: To launch a shared, view-only session for the Blue iPhone:

   > ./dc-cli <IP address/host> <username> <password> -device "Blue iPhone" -viewonly