Connect to a Device

Through the GigaFox UI there are two locations where you can connect to GigaFox.

  1. On the Devices device list.
  2. Connect button on the GigaFox device list.
  3. On the device's details page.
  4. Connect button on the device's details page.

Connect Button

Clicking the Connect button will launch the deviceControl quick connect option. Once the device is connected to the viewer, applications available to the device can be launched by clicking the Application tab on the right and selecting the application.

On the same Connect button, the option to Connect with Trust is available by clicking the chevron pointing down. Connect with Trust will launch the application with Mobile Labs Trust and give the option to enable the application to launch native automation.

By default, quick connect (Connect) will be the primary connection option. To set Connect with Trust as the primary option, disable the Swap "Connect" and "Connect with Trust" checkbox located in the deviceControl section of the GigaFox System page.

NOTE: Passcode enabled iOS devices will need to unlock the device one time after a reboot, but once the device is connected, GigaFox will prevent devices from locking during use. This will eliminate testing interruptions and the need to re-enter the passcode to use a device.

Release a Device

There are three options to release a device:

  • Close the deviceViewer window.
  • On the device's details page, click the Release button.
  • On the Devices list, at the end of the row of the retained device, click the down arrow on the Connect button and select Release.

NOTE: Unless a user has been granted the Device release any entitlement, an in-use or reserved device (even if the device is not in-use), can only be released by the user who retained or reserved a device.