Appium Inspector

To open Appium Inspector:

  1. Log into GigaFox.
  2. From the devices page, connect to a device.
  3. On the deviceViewer, click Appium located on the right side of the viewer.
  4. On the Appium panel, select from any of the following to begin a session:
    • Instantly: Start an Appium session that instantly provides the inventory of the screen the device is on.
    • Application: Select from a list of available applications to launch an Appium session with.
    • Safari browser: Launch an Appium session with Safari browser.

NOTE: The name attribute is currently mislabeled as rawIdentifier.

To launch an application on Appium Inspector:

  1. Click the Appium on the side menu.
  2. Click application.
  3. Select the application from the available application list to launch.

Appium Inspector Components

  • Select New Application: Click to select a new application.
  • Refresh Inventory: Refreshes to the current page. If opening a new element or switching to another view, click Refresh Inventory to update to that view's information.
  • Select an Element: Use to select an element from the device screen panel.
  • Download an Inventory File: Click to download a copy of the inventory file.
  • Search: Search by Text, XPath, and CSS.
  • Pin: Click the pin to display the deviceViewer components.

Element Information

Click on the element to display more information on the right panel.