About GigaFox

GigaFox is a private on-premises mobile device cloud allowing users to remotely connect to, view, manipulate, and run test automation on iOSĀ® and Android™ phones and tablets. GigaFox installs on your local area network and with a single IP address reaches the GigaFox management user interface and all its enabled devices.

GigaFox Login

To log into GigaFox:

  1. In a browser window, enter the GigaFox IP address or DNS.
  2. Enter login credentials and click Login.

GigaFox Footer


The About link displays GigaFox system information.

Build Version GigaFox version number.
System The macOS, Xcode, Appium, and iTunes versions installed on the server.
Node Key The GigaFox server ID, used to generate the GigaFox license.
Hardware serial The Mac mini's serial number.
Device limit The number of devices the license supports.
Expiration The license expiration date, GigaFox will no longer connect after that date.


Displays the licenses associated with GigaFox.


Opens the GigaFox User Guide.


Opens a feedback form.


Opens a form to create a support case directly from GigaFox to the Mobile Labs Support Team.